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The SVG Seafarers Group is a body of seafarers, attorneys, agents and other interested persons that represents professional Vincentian national and non-national seafarers and merchant mariners sailing aboard both SVG flagged vessels locally and in international waters.

SVG Seafarers Group members sail in the three shipboard departments: deck, engine and steward. They work aboard a wide variety of vessels, including SVG only inland vessels, commercial containerships and tankers, tugboats and barges, passenger ships, gaming vessels and many more.

Started in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic by Attorney Chevanev Charles, the SVG Seafarers Group prides itself on representing a diverse body of Seafarers. This is because Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an open registry and its ships host more than 20+ nationalities.    

The SVG Seafarers Group also provides legislative drafting & proposal drafting for the interests of Seafarer with one of our Attorneys being a maritime legislative drafter and Marine Blue Charter proposal writer.  

The Maritime Industry is constantly changing and the SVG SG welcomes collaborations and instructions to stay ahead of the ever-changing seascape to the benefit of our Seafarers.

SVG Seafarers Group has access to a wide network of attorneys. Our primary affiliate in the United States is Ms. Adria Notari. Ms. Notari is a very experienced and highly effective affiliate of the SVG Seafarers Group.     

If you are interested in joining the SIU, please visit the Memberships section of our website or email us at info@templestoke.com.

For more information about the SVG SG, we invite you first to tour this website. You may contact SVG SG headquarters at:

Telephone (347) 715 8308

Thank you for your interest in the SVG Seafarers Group!s

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